Snow storm

At 6:30 tonight it was coming down really hard…..I’m curious how much snow we’ll wake up to come morning.

Gluten free baking

I’ve been enjoying trying new gluten free bread recipes lately. There are several bread baking groups on Facebook. After reading through some of them, I learned of the book

Buckwheat Buns

Lately I’ve been diving back into gluten free baking. I want to be able to make a good sandwich bread that’s gluten free and tastes good. I joined a few different gluten free baking groups on Facebook, and found this recipe a few days ago: …

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Hoodies for the kids

The green hoodie is a roomy, oversized fit (though next time I’ll make it longer). It’s the Oversized Tee pattern by Ellie and Mac. The pink hoodie is a modified Kids Simple Patch Hoodie, also by Ellie and Mac. I used the body and sleeves …

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Baby gift

A good friend of mine is expecting a baby boy, and I wanted to make a special gift for this precious little one. I ordered fabric from (I LOVE their selection!!!). I had such a hard time deciding on which fabric to get, but …

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Christmas Dresses

All of our girls received handmade dresses for Christmas. These were the two that were finished; I let Anna pick out her own fabric and pattern for hers, so didn’t have that fabric here yet for this picture. Joy’s dress (left) was the Breezy Dress …

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