Techie Stuff


After a couple days of what seems like nonstop work, my jewelry site is back up and running again. I’m so thankful to be done! When I opened the store 4 years ago, I never dreamed it would become any real source of income. Sure, I hoped it would, but never dreamed how it would …

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Jewelry site down

I’m in the process of moving things around on the server, so my jewelry store will be down for the next couple days. Hopefully not quite that long, but it’s possible. So don’t worry if you get over to it and it won’t load or looks funny. Thanks!

Test post

This post is just to check my rss feed to see if it’s working properly. I noticed earlier this morning that Bloglines wasn’t notifying me that I’d updated my blog (I subscribe to it to see how my posts come through in a feed reader). I think the problem is fixed, but I’m not 100% …

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I’m playing around with Etsy again. I tried it a while back, but let my listings expire. Let’s see how it goes this time around. My Etsy Shop

Done. . .I think

Well, I’m calling it done for now. Might make more changes later, but for now – I’m done. I like all this pink. :O)

Excuse the dust

If things have looked a bit funky today. . .just excuse the dust. I’m trying to play with a new template. Thanks!

New webhost, take two

I think this is finally it. I mentioned before that I’d be changing webhosts, but that didn’t end up going through as planned. It wasn’t a problem with the company, there were just a few glitches along the way and it didn’t happen when we thought it would. This morning I finally put in the …

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Computer surgery

Ugh. My computer is dying. Stephen’s going to try to fix it for me as soon as I get off here. Hopefully it’s as simple as replacing the video card. Thing is though, we just replaced it a month ago, and my computer is still acting up, freezing, and shutting down. But at least it’s …

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