Techie Stuff

Faster internet is fun

We switched phone and internet providers yesterday. It’s great. For only $15 more a month, our internet speed is double what it was before. What we had was fine, but the quality wasn’t that great. Until someone in our community started using a cb radio. Somehow, the frequencies he uses interferes with the digital cable …

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Does everything look ok?

I’ve been playing around with some WordPress plugins. I added a plugin that allows the blog to be viewed easier from a mobile device. I don’t blog often from my PocketPC, but thought the added functionality would be nice. There’s now a link at the very bottom of the page for you to switch views …

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I love Swagbucks!

I am loving Swagbucks. I joined last summer just on a whim, figuring why not? Now I’ve earned over $105 in gift cards. Amazing. It’s been nice having “free money,” in a sense, to do things with. We’ve used the gift cards for Christmas gifts, for needs, and for fun things like my new …

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New webhost

I’m switching my sites over to a new webhost this weekend. There’s more room for the sites to grow there and the host is familiar with the shopping cart software I use. Hopefully things won’t be down for long, but if the sites disappear for a while, that’s why.

Inside my computer

Part of Stephen’s job involves upgrading computers, yet it’s still strange to see him taking apart my laptop. The upgrades sure are nice though! I did need them, but Stephen does a good job of making me feel spoiled at the same time. He’s the best!

One of those days

This is definitely one of those days. I finally heard from the company that I sent my broken USB drive to. They think they can fix it, but estimates start at $450. That’s a good bit more than I budgeted for. There was just enough tax-related information on there that I guess we’ll be saving …

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Swagbucks again

Using Swagbucks has proven to work a LOT better than I expected when I first signed up with them. WOW! I just redeemed more Swagbucks for another Amazon gift card. This makes $45 in Amazon gift cards that I’ve earned so far! It took me a while to sign up with them. I’d seen several …

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I originally wasn’t planning on blogging about Swagbucks, but after today, figured it wouldn’t hurt. Swagbucks is an online search engine where you can win points (called Swagbucks) every few searches. You can then redeem those bucks for prizes. One of the prizes that I particularly like is a $5 gift card to Right …

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Subscribe by Email

After an email from a reader, I decided to try and add a Subscribe by Email feature. I’d thought of it before, but hadn’t ever taken action on it. Now there’s a link near the bottom of the right sidebar for you to subscribe to posts on this blog by email. Just click the subscribe …

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