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I’m still alive

Funny how some seasons of life seem so incredibly boring and others seem so incredibly busy.

Christmas is only a month away and the holiday rush has officially hit for the business. It’s a good thing. While it’s busy, this is the time of year that we try to put money back to live on during the slower season.

It’s not crazy yet though, and orders are still coming in at a manageable pace. That’s a good thing with church.

Church has been interesting. We still live stream services. We have several shut-in members, so this is available for those with internet. It’s also available for those who are staying home due to caution with the pandemic.

It’s been interesting to watch church attendance with the various lockdowns and precautions that are mandated. Some members are determined to be faithful. Some members feel the need to remain cautious. We’ve had some new families come, which has been refreshing. One family has been coming to our church, because their church is in Canada and the border is closed. We’ve loved having them with us, and we’ll miss them when the border reopens.

Over the summer, we put together packets of two tracts, a booklet of John and Romans, and a little slip with our service times. We hung these on all the homes in our town. Lord willing more people will come as a result.

Stephen and Samuel worked on a local farm for potato harvest. It’s great to be able to do something it seems everyone here has done, and it’s been good to get out in the community more as well.

I’ve had some pain in my left hand so saw the doctor. It’s tendonitis and I’m to avoid playing the piano so much. That has been difficult, but I definitely feel the effects if I play much.

Anna and Esther are both progressing beautifully on the piano, and Caleb is learning the guitar. Luke is also beginning piano lessons. Joy wants to start lessons too, so I’ll teach her when she’s older…..and somehow, she’s about to turn four.

Time has a way of not slowing down, doesn’t it?

Uncertain Times

I never dreamed we’d live in a day where a pandemic sweeps our world…..but then again, I suppose nobody really thinks about things like that until it happens.

Living in the middle of nowhere like we do, I really thought we’d be some of the last people to feel the effects of the virus sweeping our nation. I was wrong.

Earlier this week most things were still open. Then our town quickly shut down. . . .then the Dollar General (the only somewhat reliable place to buy toiletries around here, unless you want to drive 20+ miles). Now we’re under a ban that prohibits groups of more than 10 people from meeting.

I’m so thankful God allowed our tax refund to come in when it did. We used it to stock up on stuff, so thankfully I’m not terribly worried going into a couple weeks of isolation. But seriously here – we have 6 kids. It’s not possible to be isolated in our house.

Our business is still open, for the time being. . . .at least until our suppliers close. Lord willing they’ll be able to stay open. But if not, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

We’ve prepared as best we can for the weeks ahead. Only God knows what the future holds.

One thing I know beyond a shadow of a doubt. God is in control. He said He would provide for us, and He’s not going to stop now just because things look scary.