Another new bag

My pink purse that I’ve been carrying for a while is starting to get a little worn, and needs a good washing. I decided the solution was to make a new bag. :O) The fabric is some patriotic snowman fabric I bought shortly after 9-11. […]

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Recent projects

We’ve been working on trying to get Christmas gifts done around here. Several of them will need to be mailed, so I’m trying to get them done right away so there’s plenty of time to mail them. Here’s one that took a while. This one

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Another new bag

This week I’ve been pretty busy with a new project of sorts. I’ve enjoyed making myself tote bags for a while, and had considered selling them, but hadn’t taken the idea any farther than that. Then I got an email. “Have you ever considered selling

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A new bag

This tote bag is actually pretty large – 13.5″ tall by 15″ wide, but I love it. The fabric was a pillowcase I found at a thrift store quite a while ago, and it’s lined with a yellow gingham. Then I put two rows of

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Matching purse

Christina, since you encouraged me to make the purse. . .here are pictures! It is just a little bit bigger than another purse of mine, and the size is absolutely perfect. There’s more than enough room for my organizer and my wallet, and it’s big

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