Ruffle foot

After buying the Little Girls, Big Style book a few weeks ago, I decided a ruffle foot for my sewing machine would probably make things easier. I’d been wanting one for a while, but just hadn’t gotten one yet. Finally I was able to order […]

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The boys’ quilts

A friend asked me not long ago how the boys’ quilts are coming along. I just laughed. At that point not much was done. I had been busy practicing for the choir concert and had set the quilts aside. Since Monday I’ve had a lot

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Fall table runner

One of my big projects lately has been this table runner. My mom brought a quilting book for me to borrow when they came. There were a few really neat fall leaves projects in it that I just loved. This isn’t one of those projects.

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Anna’s dolly

Anna’s dolly turned out a lot better than I expected her to turn out. It was the Mae doll from Bit of Whimsy dolls. For the most part, the pattern was really easy to follow. I stuffed her arms and legs too full though, so

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New pajama pants

Samuel needed new pajama pants, so we went looking in my fabric stash for fabric. He picked this lizard print. It’s so loud and silly, but the boys love it. My favorite part is that the fabric cost barely over $1, and there was enough

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Quilts for Christmas

This year our boys will be getting quilts for Christmas. I’ll be following the Road to Spring Quilt-a-long instructions. The hardest part so far was picking out the fabric. The boys share a room, so I wanted the two quilts to coordinate, but not match

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Sewing a rag doll

The beginning of Anna’s dolly – the Mae doll from Bit of Whimsy dolls. I’m not that great at hand sewing, so figured I should start now to be sure her dolly is ready in time for her birthday (where has the time gone??? She’ll

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