Buckwheat Buns

Lately I’ve been diving back into gluten free baking. I want to be able to make a good sandwich bread that’s gluten free and tastes good. I joined a few different gluten free baking groups on Facebook, and found this recipe a few days ago: Buckwheat Buns (Links to a Facebook Post) The psyllium husk …

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Our chocolate chip cookie recipe is based off the one on Allrecipes here. We make the recipe as written for the most part, but omit the pudding and nuts.

Blackberry Cobbler

We picked a gallon and a half of blackberries today. They’re huge! The vines are still loaded, so I expect to be able to pick quite a bit more soon. Since I made jelly and pancake syrup the other day with the berries we had picked, today I made a cobbler. I used gluten free …

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Keto Pizza

We’ve been experimenting with different keto dough recipes, trying to find one we really like. This was a variation on the fathead dough, using melted cheeses and almond flour. I tried the recipe here, but made a couple changes to it. I kept the Parmesan cheese but used mozzarella instead of pepper jack. I also …

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Pumpkin Spice Scones

Caleb asked for pumpkin spice scones for his birthday breakfast, so that’s what we had today. The recipe is a family favorite, and we’ve made it many times over the years. I personally don’t eat them as they’re not gluten free, but they smelled wonderful, and Caleb said they tasted amazing. You can find the …

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The pumpkin muffins were great! I’m so incredibly pleased. The flour seems to make a slightly denser muffin than the wheat flour I usually use. I also ran out of baking powder making them and dumped the rest into the batter hoping it was enough. I’m not sure if that’s why these were a little …

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Pumpkin spice muffins

Esther helped me make pumpkin spice muffins tonight. I’ve been craving pumpkin spice, so stopped at the store to try a new gluten free flour to make something. I bought the Krusteaz brand, since they were out of any other brands. It’s supposed to substitute 1:1 for regular flour, so I started with a half …

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Friday night pizza night

Every Friday night we have pizza. Sometimes it’s homemade pizza at home, and sometimes it’s leftover pizza from my inlaw’s school. My favorite is the homemade. It’s funny how things change. For years I hated homemade pizza. Now I love it. I think it’s the crust. Over the years we’ve tried several crust recipes, from …

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Chicken and artichoke casserole

Jo asked if I would post the recipe for chicken and artichoke casserole. Since it’s from a cookbook and the recipe is posted online, I figured I’d post the link to it. Chicken and artichoke casserole I usually use the whole container of mushrooms (a small container), and a good 3+ cloves of garlic. Yummy!