Sewing for the kids

Lately I’ve blogged about my sewing projects, so I thought I’d share some pictures of the finished projects. The boys loved their new John Deere pajama pants. Caleb’s fit him, but weren’t nearly as long as I expected them to be. He’s grown more in height than I realized. Trying to show off some of …

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Sewing projects

Saturday was one of those rare days when I was actually able to get some sewing done. First, I made Anna a new gown. Her pajamas are too warm for summer and she’s about to outgrow them anyway. The fabric is a very delicate knit with pastel stripes – Stephen’s grandma gave it to me …

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Names of Jesus Easter Garland

Samuel and I made this Names of Jesus Easter garland yesterday. I enjoyed having ours up at Christmas because it was such a reminder of who God is and why He sent His Son here. I’m hoping this Easter garland is as much a reminder as the Christmas one was.

MP3 Player armband

Not too long ago I made an armband for my mp3 player so that I could work out without the cord getting in my way as much. I followed this ipod case tutorial for the pouch and added a removable velcro band to the back. The idea is great, but it needs work yet. The …

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Envelope system wallet

I’ve mentioned before that we use the cash envelope system for budgeting some of our expenses. First, I made some zippered envelopes. They worked well, but since they aren’t labeled they’re too easy to mix up inside the store. What’s the use of making three separate transactions if you pay out of the wrong envelope? …

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Fleece set

Matching jacket (kimono-style), hat, scarf, and mittens. No pattern, just guesswork. The hat is a little snug but overall it’s a good fit.

Lots of crafting lately

Wow – it certainly wasn’t my intent to quit posting so much. I’ve been busy crafting, and it’s been fun. Every year, our nieces and nephews get pajama bottoms from us for Christmas. Well, actually our entire immediate family gets new pajamas – we open ours on Christmas Eve and then sleep in them that …

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