39 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Officially the longest I’ve ever been pregnant. Measuring 41 weeks. Officially the biggest I’ve ever measured while being pregnant. I sure hope this little one arrives before too long, or she’ll never be able to wear all those adorable …

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I am absolutely in awe that God has sent another little one into our family. It amazes me that I’m over halfway through this pregnancy already too. I am so blessed.

Ready and waiting

When I got home from my weekly OB appointment today, I could hear this awful clunking coming from the laundry room. It turns out that Stephen had washed the bassinet parts and they were in the dryer. Just about everything is ready for Little Miss …

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Baby Shower

On Saturday, my church threw me a baby shower. I am so thankful that they throw showers for every baby! What a blessing! We didn’t need a lot of things since this is baby #3 for us, but since she is girl #1, we did …

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