Pictures every day for a year

A visit from grandparents

My parents were here this week and we all really enjoyed it. The boys especially enjoyed being able to play outside more than usual even though it was pretty hot. Playing in the sandbox Playing Sorry with Grammy when it got too hot outside Helping Daddy replace the screen on the door Poppy’s girl Mom …

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Anna is one!

My little Anna is one today. It seems like she was just born yesterday. We had her birthday party last night. It wasn’t anything huge – just our family and the grandparents – but it was fun. She loved her cake (strawberry cake with buttercream and chocolate buttercream icing). She even shared it with Caleb. …

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Pizza night fun

We made personal pizzas last night for pizza night. The boys made their own pizzas and it was a lot of fun. Caleb at most of his pepperoni off the pizza before it was baked Samuel wanted to take a picture of me too Say CHEESE! After we ate, Samuel grabbed a bowl of cherry …

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Thinking of Home

This was taken at the top of our road last night on our way to Stephen’s parents’ house. I love seeing the rays of light like this – it makes me think of Heaven and Christ’s return.

Still patriotic

Miss Anna has been running a fever since Friday night, so we kept her home from church today. Our first thought was that she’s teething, but didn’t want to potentially expose the entire congregation to something if we’re wrong. Even though she wasn’t feeling well, she sure did look cute when I tried her new …

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Meet Bruno

Stephen brought this little guy home today. Isn’t he cute? He’s a boxer and lab mix and we named him Bruno. He was an outside dog, so won’t be allowed in the house much until he’s had another flea bath or two. Even then I’m not convinced I want an indoor dog – the kids …

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She’s on the move

Anna is now crawling all over the house and is pulling up on things. Right now her favorite thing to do is pull up on the hearth. I’m glad she’s learning to do new things, but she really keeps me on my toes lately too!

Sometimes you get a great picture

Sometimes you just get a picture that makes your heart melt. This is one of them for me. It’s not perfect, but I just love the expressions on the kids’ faces.