Check the Gallery. I uploaded a bunch of pictures there of the rodeo and Sam eating okra and stuff. S also learned how to take his diaper off, but I’m not posting pictures of that! LOL!

Pictures again!

We ended up going over to some friends’ again last night. They were having trouble getting the bit on their new horse, so they called Stephen wanting to know if he could come help. So I brought Sam’s swimming trunks, and when Stephen was done with the horse, we put Sam in the pool with …

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What a weekend!

It was such a blessing to have Andy visit for the weekend! We had a lot of fun just talking and watching Andy play with Little man. He and Andy played in the pool for about an hour on Saturday. There’s 40 or so pictures of their adventures in the Gallery. Here’s a couple of …

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Little goofball!

We have really been enjoying having Andy here! Last night, we were all just sitting in the living room while Little man was playing. I was concentrating on something, and was pretty much ignoring what he was doing until Stephen told me to look what he was doing. He had found Andy’s coolers sitting near …

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Lots of pictures today!!!

Rather than put all the pictures here, check out the photo gallery for the pictures from Saturday’s get-together with Melinda and her kids. Austin and Ryleigh are a hoot! Go here to see the family pictures. I took some pictures of Little man yesterday though. I just love pictures of him at the piano!

I got the remote!!!

I got a couple pictures of Little man today after he grabbed the tv remote. He knows he’s not supposed to play with it! july05/remote1.jpg july05/remote2.jpg july05/remote3.jpg

I love my truck!

july05/lovetruck1.jpg july05/lovetruck2.jpg july05/lovetruck3.jpg july05/lovetruck4.jpg july05/lovetruck5.jpg