Check the Gallery. I uploaded a bunch of pictures there of the rodeo and Sam eating okra and stuff. S also learned how to take his diaper off, but I’m not posting pictures of that! LOL!

Little goofball!

We have really been enjoying having Andy here! Last night, we were all just sitting in the living room while Little man was playing. I was concentrating on something, and was pretty much ignoring what he was doing until Stephen told me to look what …

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I got the remote!!!

I got a couple pictures of Little man today after he grabbed the tv remote. He knows he’s not supposed to play with it! july05/remote1.jpg july05/remote2.jpg july05/remote3.jpg

I love my truck!

july05/lovetruck1.jpg july05/lovetruck2.jpg july05/lovetruck3.jpg july05/lovetruck4.jpg july05/lovetruck5.jpg

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