No bake cookies

The boys asked tonight if they could make no bake cookies.  This is the face I got from them when I asked to take a picture.

We used a recipe I had in my binder from a project I did in junior high.  I don’t remember having any trouble with it before, but they sure didn’t turn out tonight.  Oh well, at least there’s Pinterest and Allrecipes to find a better one for next time.  These were dry and crumbly.

The kids liked them anyway, but we’ll definitely look elsewhere next time around.

Field Trip

Hayride with all five kids

We went on a field trip last week to a local produce farm. We were able to go inside an observation hive (which was great – the kids got to see the bees much closer than they can here at home!) and beaver lodges. They also learned about pumpkin and strawberry life cycles. It was a lot of fun.

The kids also got to take pumpkins home with them. Caleb announced he wants his made into pie.

Family Pictures


We got a coupon in the mail for one of those big-name photo places recently, so we went yesterday. It was nice to get the photos so quickly, and the coupon was nice. I’m also happy to have updated family pictures. I highly doubt we’ll be going back – they made it difficult to order prints in the sizes I wanted without spending a fortune. We have a few new pictures to hang on our wall, and I have some prints to give with Christmas gifts.

There is a lady who has opened a photography business nearby in the past year or so, and I think I’m going with her next time. These pictures were good for an in-and-out visit (the kids and I are visiting family in a few days and it will be nice to take these with us), but I’m excited to see what this other lady can do too.

Now, about the picture itself – can you believe how BIG my kids are getting?????

Teaching our children


This is what my darling husband has been teaching our daughter lately – to shoot Mommy with Nerf darts.

We all have Nerf guns and frequently have Nerf wars. It’s a lot of fun. Yesterday when I was trying to work at my desk though, I kept getting hit in the back. I turned around to see Stephen teaching Anna how to actually aim and shoot the Nerf gun.

The best part about it was how much fun she was having. She had this expression of pure glee on her face.