Moving soon

I cannot believe that I am writing this so soon, but I am.

We are moving on Monday.

We had decided that since God called us to move to Indiana, then we would just go. After much prayer about it, God confirmed this for us over and over. We decided that we would check some options about moving, and go from there.

Our church supports a couple that has a very unique ministry: Transporters for Jesus. Their ministry is to help those who are in the ministry move. We called them yesterday and left a message.

They returned our call this morning. The only day they have available any time soon is Monday. WOW! So we are making many last-minute calls, scrambling around, trying to finish packing everything so we can be ready to load the truck bright and early Monday morning.

So….don’t expect to hear much from me until after we’ve moved!

Two walk-throughs Friday

Our property manager called me this afternoon. “I need to arrange two walk-throughs for your house for tomorrow.”

Two. Did you hear that? Not just one, but two.

No problems here! I told her that both times work (they do). Guess I’m going grocery shopping twice tomorrow. We needed to go to three different stores anyways, so this will work out well.

“And by the way, one of them asked about leasing to own – he’s interested in buying the house…”

Wow God. What do You have planned?


We’ll get a call soon saying more people are interested in our house.

I just got a knock on the door a few moments ago – but I was too chicken to answer it, lol! Our property manager told us not to worry about answering the door if the people were here about the house (and it was apparent this person was here about the house – she sat in her car out on the road for a while before she came to the door) so I don’t feel bad about not answering it.

It did scare me a bit though! It seems so silly to admit that it unnerves me that people sit out on the road looking at our house, but it does. So when this lady knocked on the door, considering that I wasn’t expecting a knock, it really startled me. Oh well.

That makes 3 car drive-by’s in two days…maybe more…but these three were obviously looking at the house. Hopefully we’ll get a tenant VERY soon!

What a day

…and it’s not even 4pm yet!

The day started with Stephen telling me that the new owner of the Taurus was coming by today to pick it up (it’s been this family’s car for a while, but they’ve not had a chance to come get it yet). I figured that was no big deal. I laughingly told Stephen that with them coming this morning, and with lessons this afternoon, that today would be the day that our property manager would call saying she had someone who wanted to see the house.

Then the phone rang. It was a business Stephen had applied for in Indiana, calling him to arrange for an interview! YAY! We are very disappointed though; they want him to work every other Sunday. Not gonna happen.

So I called my mom to tell her. I figure people calling about Stephen is a good thing – even if the terms of the job don’t work out.

While I was on the phone with her, the line beeped. It was our property manager. She had someone who wanted to come by the house this morning. (poetic justice, or what?) And by the way – they would be at the house in 30 minutes.

While I was on the phone with her, the line beeped again. It was the family coming to get the car. “We’re leaving right now.”

Aarrgghh! Mass confusion!

The lady coming out to look at the house was late, and didn’t actually end up gettin in the house until noon – an hour later. Oh well. The property manager told me that she liked the house and picked up a renter’s application.

So now we wait. (again) Hopefully this lady’s background checks will come back good and we’ll have a tenant soon!

Small house update

I called our property manager today to see if she had any updates for us. We wanted to know if anyone had expressed interest in our home.

She told us that there had been a lot of interest (yay!), and that she had just given directions to someone to drive by the house right before I called. That was kind of a weird feeling – to know that a potential tenant might drive by and see me in my home. Eeehhh. Gives me the willies! I don’t like the feeling that I’m being watched. That said, I want people to come out here. We want people to see the house and like it.

The property manager also told me that she had one lady who was really interested, but the lady wanted to pay $100 less a month than we’re asking. I don’t think so – at that price, we wouldn’t even break even. Not smart. But that’s why I’m thankful for a property manager. She handles all that stuff, and then we don’t have to be the “mean one.” Makes life a lot easier.

So now I continue doing what I’ve been doing: pray for a tenant to come soon.

Another trip to IN

But this time I’m not going.

Stephen’s flying out tomorrow afternoon to spend a week up in IN turning in resumes and hopefully having some interviews. I am amazed that it is cheaper to fly than it is to drive, but it is. That will be nice for me though – I get to keep the van here with me.

Another huge blessing is that we have a rental house open and ready for us to move into! Annie was telling me about it tonight…knowing that it is open and waiting for us is a HUGE relief. The price is right too, and actually a lot less than we anticipated.

Now we just need to find a place to house our chickens until we buy a house, and we’re all set! Oh yeah – we need a renter too…but the property manager actually put the For Rent signs up in the yard today…


I just got off the phone with another lady about our house…and she’s coming out this afternoon! YAY! She’s the one that has more information for us…more options for our home…

I am very excited. Hopefully she’ll be able to answer more of our questions that we have.

Job hunting…and moving…

I’ve been job hunting for Stephen all afternoon. What fun! (giggle)

Seriously, though, I have been looking again. I found half a dozen or so jobs that looked good, and a lot of them have phone numbers to call. I don’t know what Stephen’s plans are for Monday, but I’m guessing that he’ll start making some more phone calls. Maybe one of them will prove to be rewarding!

On the moving front, things are pretty much the same. Karen came over last night, bringing me a carload of boxes. She also brought pizza and rootbeer – you go girl! She had no idea, but I had been craving rootbeer the past few days, and the only kind she could find was even caffeine free! That was really cool. It tasted SO good…

We made a HUGE dent in Little man’s closet, packing stuff and throwing some things away. I also found a good bit of things to Freecycle. I found things that I had forgotten we owned! It was also a big trip down memory lane, seeing so many of the newborn things that had been packed away.

We’ll be taking some of the packed boxes to Stephen’s parents’ house to store them for the time being. They’re taking over our house! Normally I wouldn’t mind, but with piano lessons and showing our house…we need to keep things looking nice. If I had a room to shove them in here, I would do it, but we don’t have an extra room. It’s ok though.

Well, I guess that’s about it for now. Little man just woke up from an afternoon nap and we’re heading over to Grandma and PawPaw’s house…I think we’re having homemade ice cream! (Maybe we should take some boxes with us when we go…)


We had our meeting yesterday with another realtor. It was NOT encouraging! It amazes me how some people view things. It was almost as if they looked down on us for owning a mobile home, but were trying to hide it. I want a realtor’s advice, but don’t treat me like a second-class citizen if the choices I’ve made are not what you would have done! Wow… I was amazed at how critically she appeared to be looking at our home.

So we called the original realtor back this morning. For the most part, we really liked her when we met with her. She had said that her rate was negotiable, so we will be keeping that in mind. There were some other ideas that we had that we wanted to check out, so I asked her about them this morning. She couldn’t answer all of my questions, but left a note for the lady in the office who could. She said that maybe the other lady would call me on Monday since she’s out of the office this week.

We shall see!

One realtor down…

Well, we met with one realtor this morning. They were thirty minutes late – which didn’t really give a good first impression. They could have called saying they made a wrong turn…

The long and short of it: we don’t trust ’em. Not a bit. They were a husband and wife team – Stephen and I were joking that they were trying to double-team us. But there was just something about them that made me uneasy. Really uneasy.

You should have seen how quickly they shut down when we told them that we were meeting with other realtors as well. Wow. The first realtor we met with encouraged us to meet with other realtors, and this one – well – you know.

I highly doubt we’ll be calling them back. But on the flip side – it sure gave us something else to consider – like what not to look for in a realtor!