Sorted through baby clothes today

This afternoon was spent packing up decorative things that we’ve had in the kitchen while we’ve been here. I figured I’d go ahead and pack them up so we could get another box or two done.

After that I started on the tub of newborn clothes. Stephen has asked that we get rid of most of the baby clothes, so we don’t have to move all those huge tubs back across the country. The boxes of all the other sizes have already been gone through, but not the box of newborn clothes, because it was piled under so many other boxes downstairs.

It was hard to imagine Little man so small. Those preemie clothes are so tiny! I know he really was that size, but now. . .it was a real trip down memory lane. A lot of the sleepers and gowns and things like that I did keep. Lord willing, we’ll be able to use it some day with another child, so we kept it. The rest was bagged up and posted on freecycle.

The other day I showed Little man the video we took while he spent his week in NICU. It was funny to watch him because he wanted to hold the baby. He informed me, “Baby crying, Mama.” It does amaze me how a little trip down memory lane can make me miss those baby days, though!

Well. . .

It’s that time again. We’re moving.

God has given us peace that our time here in Indiana is over and that we are to return to South Carolina. We’ve been praying about this for several months now, and God has completely confirmed what we’ve been suspecting for a while.

Once again we’re stepping out in faith, and once again, there are those who don’t understand. That’s ok. We know what God is calling us to do, and we are following His leading.

We began packing a few weeks ago. Stephen wanted me to go through my old clothes and Little man’s baby clothes and get rid of them so we don’t have to move all those tubs of clothes back across the country. I was saving most of it for a garage sale this spring, but since we won’t be here that long (most likely), I put everything on freecycle instead.

A lady came last week to get five garbage bags full of my old clothes in the bigger sizes I can no longer wear. Another lady is coming tonight to get some of the baby clothes. Several more bags of baby clothes went to ladies at church who have little boys. The clothes were given to me when we needed them, and it is a blessing to see them going to families that I know can use them now.

Our basement is getting emptier and emptier. . .as things get removed and other things get packed and set aside.

I knew we had a lot of stuff, but I didn’t realize just how much we really had. What amazes me more is the amount of stuff that we had that we weren’t even using. It’s nice to get those things taken out of there and to be able to use the plastic tubs and boxes to pack other things away.

So. . .the adventure begins again. . .

We have a moving date

We finally have a moving date – Saturday. I stopped by the house today to turn in our application (even though we’ve already paid the deposit) and to ask our landlord some questions. I cannot wait to get into the house. . . . .

So Saturday is the big day. We’re starting to turn in all the change-of-address forms now, so hopefully by the time we actually move in things will be connected and working.

Did I mention that I’m so excited???????

Found a house!

Sunday afternoon a friend from church called to tell me about a house that had just become open. It sounded like it would suit our needs perfectly, but I didn’t want to get excited until I’d actually spoken with the owner and had seen the house. We have seen some very frightening rental properties so I didn’t want to be disappointed.

We went and saw it yesterday, and left there knowing it would be ours. We’re so happy to have a place to move to! We’ll most likely be moving some time next week; they’re repainting the entire house, cleaning carpets, and rebuilding the entire front porch. Of all the landlords I’ve spoken with in the past two months, these (a father-son team) were by far the most reasonable and willing to work with us. They’ll even let us keep our dog, and even came down a bit on their rent they asked for.

Another thing we’re so excited about is that it’s a block from church; I can look out the window and see the church building. We have really enjoyed living in this town (we’re here in town with friends, but we weren’t sure if that’s where we’d end up), so it’s nice to know we’ll be here for the next little bit.

Just thought I’d share my praise. . .and thanks to all of you who were praying that we’d find a place soon!

Looking at houses

This whole looking for a place to rent thing is a whole lot more challenging than I gave it credit for. We have been here almost three weeks now, and still not many serious leads.

Well, ok, there were a few, but none of them have played out favorably yet. We have been amazed – everything we’ve called about has one of three problems: too expensive, too small (the number of 1 bedroom homes out there is amazing!), or too far from Stephen’s job. Then there’s the problem with pets. . .we really don’t want to have to give up our black lab Buddy, but well, if we have to. . . . . .Let’s just say that at this point we’re not ruling that possibility out.

We have an appointment for tomorrow morning to go see a house. From what we do know if it, it sounds adequate for our needs. I really have few expectations at this point – it’s easier that way – but I’m really wondering how it will play out.

Somewhat settled

Well, we’re settled in a little bit. It sure is an adjustment to start living with other people. It has been a blessing though.

We have gotten several more leads about houses, and we have called and called and called and. . .lol. We went and looked at a house last night but we’re just not convinced we’re comfortable with it. It’s a nice enough house and all, but the owner is charging too much money for it, especially given the condition that it’s in. One thing that really pulls me though is that it’s located within 3 or 4 blocks of several families from church. Even better is those families are families with kids close to Little man’s age. But. . .the price.

So we continue to look.

Other than that, there’s no real update. We’re here and settled in and that’s about it. Hopefully I’ll have a better update sometime in the near future.

This is it

This is probably the last post from me for a while. We’re moving this weekend. Things have been pretty hairy the past few days, and I have no idea when they will actually calm down.

A small update: we still do not have a house to rent yet. A lovely retired couple from church has offered to let us stay there for a little while, so we are moving there this weekend. We would just stay here, but the other family that is moving here that needs this house is moving next week. . .so we’re doing our best-est (I know that’s not a word) to get out so they can get in here. Confused? Me too, lol.

Anyways, if you’d remember us in your prayers, we’d appreciate it!

Ok, Stephen just walked into the room. . .he just got off the phone. . .we’re moving tomorrow. They’ll be here at 11am with a truck. . .


We'll be moving again soon

Our time is nearly up at this house we’re currently living in. The owners have so graciously allowed us to live here rent-free; I cannot even begin to tell what a blessing that has been to us. It allowed us to get back on our feet after the move much more quickly than we could have otherwise.

We’ll be needing to move soon, though. The owners have another family that needs to live here (they’re moving to IN from across the country, just like we did). There’s not a bit of upset or hurt feelings here – we’ve known all along that this house is theirs to do with as they please, and we’ve simply been grateful for every week we’ve been allowed to live here.

So today, I drove to a realtor’s office in town to pick up a list of landlords in the area. We’ve been looking a little bit, but now we’re searching in earnest. I called several of the people this afternoon, and the rest will have to wait until this evening. We have a pretty specific idea of what type of house we need, but we’re not sure how easy they are to find or get into, or if they’re even open at this time or not.

One thing I’m really excited about is that we’re looking to move into town, where we’ll be closer to church. We’ve lived 20 minutes from church for most of our marraige, so the thought of living closer is very exciting. It helps that most of the church family lives in or near town too. :O)

Found it!

I’m so happy! I finally just found a box that I’ve been looking for ever since we arrived. It had my stationary box in it – which contained all my thank you notes and my address book in it. I needed thank you notes almost immediately, so I got out my scrapbook supplies and made some, but I still wondered where all my other ones were.

Tonight I went in search of old cd’s. Some of the ladies from church are getting together next week to scrapbook, and I needed some of my photo cd’s. The problem is, I couldn’t seem to find them! I was missing over a year’s worth of photos – which, incidentally, were the photos I needed to work on the scrapbook.

The box was in Little Bug’s room – right where I figured it would be. The reason I couldn’t find it? It got labeled with a wrong sticker. Instead of having “Studio” or something like that on it – it was labelled as a box of stuff for Bug’s room. Oh well. Stephen wanted to know what the huge “Woo Hoo!” was all about! :O)

I’m very thankful to have found that box!

We're here

Just wanted to update really quickly…

We’re here and moved in. Not unpacked yet, lol, but at least we’re here.

The phone was turned on this morning, so I just got a chance to hop online to pay a bill or two. And by the way – the phone number we have is not the number we handed out – so email me if I forgot to give you our address or if you have our wrong number.

I’ll be back online more later – Mom and Dad just got here.