Mommy Moments

Anna is one!

My little Anna is one today. It seems like she was just born yesterday. We had her birthday party last night. It wasn’t anything huge – just our family and the grandparents – but it was fun. She loved her cake (strawberry cake with buttercream and chocolate buttercream icing). She even shared it with Caleb. …

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Ok, so he’s not really toothless, but he’s too cute not to share. Samuel lost his first tooth today. . .and even let me pull it for him.

She’s on the move

Anna is now crawling all over the house and is pulling up on things. Right now her favorite thing to do is pull up on the hearth. I’m glad she’s learning to do new things, but she really keeps me on my toes lately too!

Big boy bed

A few months ago, we got the boys bunk beds. We decided to let Caleb try sleeping in the bottom bunk with Samuel tonight. He promptly fell out of bed. We heard the thud, then quiet, and then Caleb started crying. Sam whipped the door open and yelled, “Call for emergency! Caleb’s been hurt!” I …

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Making cookies

The boys and I made Christmas cookies on Saturday. It was wonderful! I had to laugh at Caleb though. He enjoyed licking the beater so much that he went to the bowl of dough and helped himself to that too. I am constantly amazed at what God has done for me. I couldn’t help but …

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Homeschool funny

Samuel was working on a worksheet with several pictures on it. He had to mark out the things that didn’t start with an N. I asked him, “Does frog start with N?” “No, they’re just funny. And they pee on your hand.” I love homeschooling!

5 years

Last week we took Samuel out for pizza to celebrate the day we finalized his adoption. Most people seem to celebrate “Gotcha Day,” but since Sam was placed with us at birth, we decided to celebrate his finalization date instead. This is the first year we did anything, but I’m excited to keep the tradition …

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