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Samuel’s spirit of adventure

My Samuel is a nut.

Yesterday, he came inside after being outside for a while. My back was to the door when he came in, so I didn’t see what he was carrying. Then I heard, “Can we eat this for dinner?”

I turned around and he had brought a dead squirrel into the house.

Long pause.

“Um. . . . .no.”

“But all we have to do is dump some ketchup on it and throw it in the crockpot.”

At that point it was all I could do to not burst out laughing. The best part of it all was that he was completely serious.

He likes to do the dishes

My parents just left after visiting for a week. It was great. While they were here, my mom taught Samuel how to wash dishes. This is the conversation he and I had after dinner tonight.

Samuel: Mommy, I’m going to wash dishes for you EVERY DAY.

Me: I’m getting lazy not having to do it.

Samuel: Oh, no you’re not, Mama. I’m helping you so you don’t have to do it. Besides, it’s fun.

The part that has me really spoiled is that Mom also taught him to dry the dishes and put them away. I typically just let them dry in the drainer in the sink, but Samuel? Oh no. He has to dry each dish, climb up on the counter to put them in the cabinets, and then wipe the counters down after he’s done.

Here I was putting off teaching him because he couldn’t reach much and I didn’t think he was ready. Obviously I was wrong. The best part is my kitchen hasn’t been this clean in a long time, he’s loving keeping it that way, and I’m loving that he’s doing it FOR me – with a willing spirit.

He may not continue to be so willing to do the dishes, but I am certainly going to enjoy it while he is!

Adventures in head wounds

Last night was an adventure.

After church, we went to McDonald’s with some other families from church. We had a great time and the kids ate way too much sugar. We headed home with the intent of putting the kids right in bed.

We got into the house and told the boys to put their pajamas on. I started changing Anna into her pajamas. I had gotten a new diaper out for her when I heard a CLUNK in the living room. Samuel immediately started howling and came running into his room.

He vaulted onto his bed and sat there absolutely yelling about “MY HEAD! IT HURTS!” I stood there with Anna on the changing table and decided from the way he was crying that I should probably take a look at his head.

Right about then, Caleb came tearing into the room, hollering too. “BWOOD! BWOOD! BWOOD on MY bed!!!”

Samuel moved so I could look at his forehead, and when he took his hand off his head, we saw that it was covered in blood. Samuel flipped out. Since I was still standing at the changing table, I grabbed a handful of cloth wipes and started to apply pressure to the wound.

As I stood there, I realized that Anna was still on the changing table and that I never finished putting a diaper on her. I glanced over at her and apparently I already had. That was weird because I really didn’t remember finishing fastening the clean diaper! She had just been laying there the whole time, taking in everything. I let go of Samuel long enough to put Anna on the floor.

At that time, Stephen came into the room and took Samuel to the other room so I could finish getting Caleb and Anna in bed.

Anna was easy. Put pajamas on, find bunny, set her in her crib. Caleb, however, was not happy. There was “bwood” on his bed and he was NOT going to sleep there. You should have seen him flip out when he saw blood on his quilt. (The quilt I made him for Christmas is now a sacred object. Don’t you dare touch that thing unless you’re Caleb!) Thankfully, we discovered it was on Samuel’s quilt, and not Caleb’s, so that disaster was avoided. A Tide stain pen took care of the spot of blood on the sheet. We put Caleb in bed and went to tend to Samuel.

By then the bleeding had stopped. We could tell that the gash on his head wasn’t as deep as we thought. We put a band-aid on it, gave him an ice pack, and turned on some old-fashioned cartoons for him to watch while we kept an eye on him for a while.

This morning he is fine. Changing the band-aid wasn’t that fun since it was stuck in his hair, but the wound looks a lot better. Samuel is already trying to milk the attention for all it’s worth. Smart kid.

Although I was concerned about Samuel, I have to admit that Caleb’s antics really cracked me up. I was telling Stephen about it later and just couldn’t stop laughing about it. Just the way he was running around, yelling about the “BWOOD!!!” gives me the giggles.

I thought last night would be a peaceful, put the kids in bed and relax night. It wasn’t. But I guess that is part of having children, isn’t it?

She’s still sick

Anna is still sick. The poor girl has been absolutely miserable. When I got home from church tonight, she was still running a fever and just looked like she felt awful. We’ve had revival services all week, and Stephen and I have been trading off who stays home with her.

I was really hoping she’d be well enough so we could go to church as a family, but so far it hasn’t happened. She went all day yesterday with no fever, but today that wasn’t the case. I’m just at a loss what to do for her, other than love on her a whole lot and make sure she gets her meds and plenty of fluids.

Hopefully she’ll be doing better tomorrow. It sure made me smile to hear Samuel pray for her. “Please let Mommy and Daddy not have to get up with Anna tonight and help her feel better tomorrow.” I completely agree.

Making Christmas cookies

We made Christmas cookies last night. Samuel kept telling me over and over again, “Thank you for letting us make cookies. I had SO much fun!”


The boys got a bit sugar sprinkle happy. I didn’t mind until I looked at Caleb and saw that he had the entire bottle of blue sugar in his mouth. Good thing I noticed it after we finished and not while we were still decorating the cookies!

Even Anna had fun pushing the cutters into the dough.


We won’t be giving any of these cookies away as gifts – there was too much finger licking and dough snatching and thumb sucking going on – but we really enjoy them. I like that particular cookie recipe because it uses basic ingredients, isn’t too sweet, and you can use cookie cutters with it. Ok, that, and I have yet to find a regular sugar cookie recipe I really like, but that’s beside the point.

We had a lot of fun last night and made a huge mess. But the best part was that Stephen washed the dishes afterward so I could work on the boys’ quilts. What a wonderful husband I have!

Last night was great!

The kids are sick again

We had an absolutely wonderful trip to my parents’ house last week. Unfortunately, my kids all came home sick. We left here getting over colds, and they started getting new colds right before we came home. Poor things. Samuel started feeling better yesterday but the younger two are taking a little bit longer. They do seem to be doing much better today though. I’m thinking they should be pretty good by tomorrow or Wednesday.

Don’t you just hate it when kids get sick? I sure enjoy the extra snuggles though!

What a day

Today has been something else. Anna started the day off with a fever, so I canceled the piano lesson that was scheduled because I was afraid she was coming down with something. She was miserable and only wanted to be held. The snuggles were great, but it made it hard to get much else done.

Finally, this afternoon I thought to check her gums again. Earlier in the day I didn’t feel any new teeth, but by dinnertime, she had four new ones. Poor baby cut all her one-year molars in the same day. I’m not glad she’s in pain, but it is nice to at least know why she’s not feeling well. Hopefully she’ll feel better tomorrow. If not, I’m going to be one tired mama!