Productive day

Not all days are this productive, but they sure are great when they do happen! *Gave Stephen and the boys haircuts – they look great, but it was a bit overdue (oops!) *One batch of Vanilla coffee mix. Made it sugar-free decaf. *10 pounds of chicken leg quarters in the roaster oven, cooked for casseroles …

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Sourdough failure

Well, my sourdough experiment didn’t work. I had such high hopes for it! When I mixed up the dough today and left it to rise, it didn’t rise very far before it started to crack. It was sitting for several hours, but I was concerned it would dry out too much. I preheated the oven …

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Sourdough adventures

One of my recent kitchen projects has been starting a new sourdough starter. The sourdough I’ve mentioned here on my blog is absolutely phenomenal, but is high enough in sugar that I don’t like to make or serve it as often as my family would like to eat it. After doing some searching around the …

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