For the freezer

Yesterday I made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies to freeze. I didn’t expect to get almost 7 dozen from a double batch of cookies, but it was nice. They were just barely underbaked, making them practically irresistable. The hard part now is staying […]

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Productive day

Not all days are this productive, but they sure are great when they do happen! *Gave Stephen and the boys haircuts – they look great, but it was a bit overdue (oops!) *One batch of Vanilla coffee mix. Made it sugar-free decaf. *10 pounds of

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Sourdough failure

Well, my sourdough experiment didn’t work. I had such high hopes for it! When I mixed up the dough today and left it to rise, it didn’t rise very far before it started to crack. It was sitting for several hours, but I was concerned

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Sourdough adventures

One of my recent kitchen projects has been starting a new sourdough starter. The sourdough I’ve mentioned here on my blog is absolutely phenomenal, but is high enough in sugar that I don’t like to make or serve it as often as my family would

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Instant biscuits

Why is it that when I go to do a search for a biscuit recipe, all the recipes call for Bisquick? I’m typing up our biscuit recipe for somebody, and was having some issues typing the instructions (I’ll post it here when I’m done). Our

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Making cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are the best. I’m waiting for the last pan to come out of the oven right now. After that, I need to get far, far away from the cooling cookies. The recipe I used is Chocolate Chip Wheat Cookies. I made some

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