Freezer cooking

Just wondering here. . .does anyone do much freezer cooking? I’d like to start doing more, to get food put back for when this little one arrives. I’m just not sure what to put up, and am a little limited on energy at the moment …

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Wasted pickles

I wasted an entire batch of sweet icicle pickles yesterday morning. I’m still a bit frustrated about it. The pickles were on the second to last day of the brining process, until I flung glass into the container. The last four days you’re supposed to …

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We have really been enjoying scones lately. We eat them just about every week. This morning it was pumpkin spice scones. I do make a few changes to the recipe (2 cups wheat flour and no raisins), but we absolutely love them.

My helper

Caleb wanted to help me shell lima beans the other day. He really was a help – I opened the pods for him and he picked the limas out and put them in a bowl for me. It was really sweet to watch him.

Pizza night fun

We made personal pizzas last night for pizza night. The boys made their own pizzas and it was a lot of fun. Caleb at most of his pepperoni off the pizza before it was baked Samuel wanted to take a picture of me too Say …

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Strawberry jam

Yesterday I was able to make a batch of strawberry jam. There were just enough strawberries from our garden. It’s more than we got last year, but it was really hard to keep animals from eating them! Between squirrels, wild rabbits, and the neighbor’s chickens, …

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