Gluten Free Rolls

I’ve been trying a variety of different recipes for gluten free bread. I have a sourdough recipe that I love and make a lot, but I’ve been wanting something lighter and more like regular yeast rolls. These are the best gluten free rolls I think

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Buckwheat Buns

Lately I’ve been diving back into gluten free baking. I want to be able to make a good sandwich bread that’s gluten free and tastes good. I joined a few different gluten free baking groups on Facebook, and found this recipe a few days ago:

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The pumpkin muffins were great! I’m so incredibly pleased. The flour seems to make a slightly denser muffin than the wheat flour I usually use. I also ran out of baking powder making them and dumped the rest into the batter hoping it was enough.

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Pumpkin spice muffins

Esther helped me make pumpkin spice muffins tonight. I’ve been craving pumpkin spice, so stopped at the store to try a new gluten free flour to make something. I bought the Krusteaz brand, since they were out of any other brands. It’s supposed to substitute

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I was washing dishes last night and happened to read the lid of this cookie dough container. Look closely. Shelf life: Frozen: 1 year Refrigerated: 6 months Room temperature: 21 days 21 DAYS? What is IN this stuff that makes cookie dough shelf stable for

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