Gluten Free Rolls

I’ve been trying a variety of different recipes for gluten free bread. I have a sourdough recipe that I love and make a lot, but I’ve been wanting something lighter and more like regular yeast rolls. These are the best gluten free rolls I think …

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Gluten Free Sourdough Bread

Gluten Free Sourdough Bread

Gluten free sourdough bread doesn’t have to be tiny…..just saying. My kitchen smells amazing. Made with buckwheat flour (grown right here in the St. John Valley!), sorghum, brown rice, tapioca, and corn. No yeast used, leavened with brown rice sourdough starter.

Gluten free baking

I’ve been enjoying trying new gluten free bread recipes lately. There are several bread baking groups on Facebook. After reading through some of them, I learned of the book

Buckwheat Buns

Lately I’ve been diving back into gluten free baking. I want to be able to make a good sandwich bread that’s gluten free and tastes good. I joined a few different gluten free baking groups on Facebook, and found this recipe a few days ago: …

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The pumpkin muffins were great! I’m so incredibly pleased. The flour seems to make a slightly denser muffin than the wheat flour I usually use. I also ran out of baking powder making them and dumped the rest into the batter hoping it was enough. …

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Pumpkin spice muffins

Esther helped me make pumpkin spice muffins tonight. I’ve been craving pumpkin spice, so stopped at the store to try a new gluten free flour to make something. I bought the Krusteaz brand, since they were out of any other brands. It’s supposed to substitute …

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I was washing dishes last night and happened to read the lid of this cookie dough container. Look closely. Shelf life: Frozen: 1 year Refrigerated: 6 months Room temperature: 21 days 21 DAYS? What is IN this stuff that makes cookie dough shelf stable for …

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Apple pie

On Monday, I made an apple pie. It looked all right and tasted pretty good. The crust was a complete flop though. I tried a new recipe from – just searched for pie crust and selected one based on high ratings. Then I substituted …

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