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Rose Gold Digital Planner

For years I offered printable household notebooks on my site.

Then my site crashed. I was able to recover some of the files I had online, but not everything. We got my blog back online a few months ago, but didn’t add the notebooks back at the time.

Just recently I discovered digital planners and notebooks, and WOW am I ever hooked! It all started with getting an iPad, and buying the notetaking app Goodnotes, just because it looked handy. Then, in one of the printable planner sticker groups I’m in, someone posted about her digital planner and I was intrigued. Did some research and discovered that I can make interactive planners that are digital, complete with tabs on the side and hyperlinks. How FUN!!

Expect to see the old planners back up on the site here, as well as the new files.

New Household Notebook files

Household Management Notebook

Finally – the new household notebooks are done. After a LOT of work and too many hours on the computer, the new notebook files are up and ready for download.

Everything on the site has been completely redesigned. The way the files were before wasn’t bad, but this way is much simpler and looks a lot neater.

Head over to my notebook site and check them out. If you get one, I’d love to hear your feedback!

Household notebook site on Facebook

I decided to put my household notebook site on Facebook. Just for the fun of it, I created a coupon code to get a notebook download free, but the code is on Facebook. Come check it out!

With the Fruit of Her Hands Notebooks and More

The code is only good through Saturday, so don’t wait. If you’ve ever wanted to see my notebooks, now is the time.

Making a new schedule


I’m working on making some schedule changes. Anna quit sleeping through the night for a while (we’re guessing it was teething-related – she got her first two teeth about two weeks ago) so I’d pretty much abandoned efforts to stick to any type of a routine. Now I’m thinking that wasn’t the best idea. Hopefully she’ll start sleeping all night again though – that would be a HUGE help!

Before, I tried to put one generic schedule on a page, even though some days of our week vary quite a bit. This time I’m thinking of making different pages for different days – so I’m not trying to follow a routine that doesn’t fit the events of that day.

I never thought I was much of a person to stick to a set schedule, but it seems like I was wrong. They help more than I thought. Hopefully this will help make things go more smoothly around here. It’s not awful but improvement sure wouldn’t hurt either.

Typeable household notebook forms


Today’s work involved a lot of time in front of the computer.

First, let me just say I’m thankful for a husband who sets me up a dual monitor setting like this! That giant monitor on the left was FREE. One of Stephen’s clients at work was upgrading their monitors and let him have this one for free. I love it! It stays off most days, but is wonderful for days like today, when the extra screen makes work a lot easier.

I’ve been asked repeatedly for household notebook forms that people can type directly into, but only recently was able to purchase software to be able to do it. They’re not ready to put in the store yet, but hopefully there’ll be good feedback from the people who are testing it for me.

Menu Planning Forms

There’s been quite a few changes to my notebook store lately. One of those changes is I’ve added a bunch of new files.

I’ve been working on some new menu planning forms for quite a while now, and they’ve been added to the store just today. There’s one major difference though – these forms offer the ability to type directly into the .pdf. No more printing the file once, putting it back into the printer, and printing the customizations over it.

The original forms are still available the same as they have been, for those who don’t want to change how they’ve done things. But there are new typeable forms available now as well.

The main household notebook file still isn’t quite finished. I’m hoping to have it done soon, but it’s not quite ready yet. I have to admit – this project has been a little bigger than I anticipated it would be. It’s been fun, but has kept me busier than I thought.

Feel free to head over to the notebook site to check out all the new additions – especially the new Menu Planning section!

2009 Calendars

I added some calendars to the notebook site the other day. This time they have dates and holidays instead of being completely blank. As with everything else in the store – they have the teapot and roses theme and match the rest of the notebook files.

If you place an order before January 10th, you can get your entire order half off. Just use the coupon code blog09 when you check out.

2009 Calendars for your Household Notebook

Redoing my household notebook

It’s crazy how schedules can change around so often! I had gotten out of the habit of following my master schedule for a while – so when I opened it up the other day I was amazed at how much our schedule had really changed. I’ve also been wanting to redo my cleaning schedule, so while I’m at it, I’ll add those changes too.

I also get to start another binder soon. School starts soon and I don’t want all the homeschool stuff in my household notebook. Well, I’d love it in there, but my binder is so big already that I’ll just start a different notebook for homeschool-related stuff. What fun!

Need a volunteer to test something for me

I’ve been working on making a price book to have available for download. I have one that is nearly finished, but I really need one or two people to test it for me. . .to make sure I haven’t forgotten items other people commonly use. . .to make sure it’s in a workable format. . .etc.

If you’d like to volunteer to test my price book, leave a comment, and I’ll pick one or two people (if there’s a huge number of people, I’ll use a random number generator to pick) to test it, and I’ll send it out to you right away.

Just as a warning though – it’s 72 pages (regular 8.5 by 11 pages – to make it easy to fit into a three-ring binder) long. . .

Thanks so much!

Household notebooks

A few weeks ago, I hinted that I was working on a big project that was related to my household notebook files. Well, here’s what I’ve been working on. . .

Ready-made household management notebooks. I took the notebook files and had them printed up, and then bought the sturdiest three-ring binders I could possibly find. After that, I assembled the notebooks. Now they’re just sitting here, waiting to be purchased. *grin*

So, if you’ve ever wished for a ready-made household notebook that you could just buy, your wish is granted. They are currently available with a red cover or a blue cover.

Ready Made Household Notebooks

Blue Household Management Notebook

Inside, there are twelve categories. They include:

* Schedule – with blank forms for you to create your own daily schedule

* Cleaning – blank pages for you to create your own cleaning lists, as well as a page of make-your-own cleaning product recipes

* Menus and Shopping – forms for you to create weekly and monthly menu plans, and extra forms for later use, and a blank master grocery list

* Emergency – a blank page for you to fill in important insurance information

* Important Numbers

* Financial – a blank calendar page for you to fill in dates bills are due

* Prayer List – blank prayer list page for you to fill in prayer requests

* Projects

* Ideas

* Gift Giving – a blank gift list page

* Calendar – a 12-month blank calendar for you to write in your own dates

* Miscellaneous

Each section has a divider with tabs that have been printed on both sides. In the back of the notebook are blank pages for you to create your own categories, as well as some empty page protectors for you to use if you need extra.

Blue Household Management Notebook