Loving My Father's World curriculum

I am absolutely loving the My Father’s World curriculum that we’re using this year. It is so much more fun than school was last year.

One thing I really like is all the fun projects we do. Samuel made a mobile of the sun, moon, and stars as a part of his M – Moon unit, and we hung it in his bedroom.


The next unit is A – Apple. We went grocery shopping today, and Aldi had their apples on sale for just over $1 a bag. We bought three different kinds.


Samuel will observe the differences in flavors and colors later this week, and we’ll enjoy eating them in the meantime. The Gala apples we are planning to make into applesauce. The others we’ll eat plain.


These don’t have much to do with school other than the fact that they’re apples. We really enjoyed them though!

Our curriculum arrived today

This year we’ll be using the My Father’s World curriculum for Samuel. While I like the content of the A Beka curriculum we used last year, the way it is set up didn’t work as well as I would have liked for our family. After a considerable amount of reading and research, we finally decided on using My Father’s World for Kindergarten.

The box arrived today, and it was so FUN to look through! I’m really excited about getting to use it this year. I will admit – I’m a little bit nervous about the ant hill project. I keep getting mental images of the ant farm container getting knocked over in the house.

Right now our tentative plan is to start some time in August (I’m just now starting to map out lesson plans and trying to figure out a good start date), rather than wait until after the baby’s born to begin. By starting a little early, we’ll easily be able to take a break for a couple weeks when Little Miss makes her appearance.

It was really fun to watch Samuel as we went through the box. He even asked if we could start school today, and was disappointed when I told him we were going to wait a bit longer.

I’m excited about this coming school year!

This is why I homeschool

Days like today make everything worth it.

Today Samuel’s lesson was on Nicodemus coming to Jesus. Samuel had so many questions – but it was so obvious to see he was processing what we were talking about.

When I was able to answer his questions about why a person goes to Hell and how a person can go to Heaven – that makes everything worth it. To be with my son and answer his questions myself. I’d love to be able to lead him to the Lord someday, but even if I’m not the one to actually pray with him, knowing I answered his questions about salvation is an honor.

This stay-at-home homeschooling mama thing – I love it.

Learning his letters

Samuel has done a fantastic job learning his letters. There are only a couple more that he hasn’t learned at this point. The other day, we introduced the letter v.

I had just set the letter and picture card on the table when he saw it. Sometimes, instead of saying the letter name, he says the sound instead. That’s what he said this time.

“Capital Vuh, little vuh. Vuh says vuh, vuh, vuh as in GUITAR!”

At that point I realized he had never seen a picture of a violin before. It sure was funny though.

All silliness aside, he is doing very well with phonics. He is even starting to read three letter words. I’m thrilled with his progress. Watching him as he starts to make the connection between seeing letters and actually reading words is priceless.

Homeschool Memoirs: #7 Snack Foods


The theme this week is snack foods. Here are some of the things we much on:

Dehydrated zucchini chips (sometimes with spaghetti sauce, yum)
Dried apples
Smoothies or milkshakes made with dry milk or sometimes eggs for extra protein
Cottage cheese when it’s in the house
Carrot sticks
Peanut butter on a spoon
Frozen chocolate chips (Susan does this too)
Homemade ice cream (from the in-laws’ house)
Sometimes we have cookies or other baked goods in the house, but those are kept in the freezer. I have a hard time leaving them alone, so I try not to make them very often. Then they usually go right in the freezer – so the temptation to eat a bunch is diminished.

You can read more over at The Homeschool Post.

Blend train

We made a train the other day to help S learn blends in phonics. I let him help me make it – and we had an absolute blast. We used card stock – regular printer card stock for the background and scrapbooking card stock for the train itself.

The curriculum suggested using sticky notes on the train with each letter printed on it. I had already made up some 3×5 alphabet flash cards with letters on them, so we used those in the train cars. When we glued each car down, we only glued three of the sides so that there would be a pocket for the letter card to fit into.

The letter flashcards are blank 3×5 cards with manuscript letters on one side and cursive on the other. They’re just cards I made in Word and printed up myself.

Each car is on a separate sheet of card stock. The train is shortened easily, and it will be easy to store too. I was going to use posterboard, but the only piece I found in the closet was too banged up to use. This turned out nicer than the posterboard would have anyway. :O)

It turned out really well. It uses S’s favorite colors, and he loves trains, so he likes it. I’m hoping to be able to use it for years to come too.

This is what it looks like with all five vowel cards lined up. We don’t use all five at once, but here they all are together:

phonics blends train

Homeschool Memoirs: #6 Summer Photo Essay


This week I want to invite you to take a moment and post a Summer Photo Essay memoir. Starting from around the official date of Summer to this past week – just give a basic summary of your summer as I know someone of you are photoholics! Haha! Make sure you jot down your memoirs about each photo so everyone can read about your summer. You can do the essay however you want. You can journal a lot of just caption the photo! Can’t wait to see what you all do!

I had an interesting time putting this together. At first, I thought I had deleted two months’ worth of pictures from my hard drive! Then I realized that our digital camera broke and I just didn’t take that many pictures this summer.

We stayed home for the most part. We didn’t do much out of the ordinary, but it was still a wonderful summer. Lots of staying home and enjoying each other.

That said, here are a few of the pictures from this summer:

C and I at our church’s 4th of July fellowship

S playing with sparklers at the party

Saphena – our youngest goat that was born here

Making stromboli together

Brothers playing together

Homeschool Memoirs: #5 My Favorite Things!

This one should be interesting. I like to read others’ link roundups (sometimes, lol, depending on the general topic). I’ve never done one myself that I can remember, so here goes.

Since I’ve been making you work really hard on the previous Memoir themes I decided to take a little break, and do something fun! This week I want to invite you to share a few of your favorite things. I know the list of favorite things could be never-ending, but I’ve made a list…

I’ve taken the categories off the list that I don’t use or visit. Here’s my shortened list:

* Homeschool news/informative
Just beginning on this one.
Donna Young Printables
I’m also a member of Yahoo groups for my state and county, and am a member of a homeschool group in our county’s Mommies Network forum

* Forums
There’s a few forums. Some I’m just a lurker on though.
Hannah’s Prayer
Parenting After Infertility
Soul Cysters (I’ve learned a lot about pcos here. I’m more of a lurker there)
My county’s Mommies Network forum

* Mom site – any sites just for moms
Totally New Moms

* Youth/kid – sites geared towards youth/kids or owned by them – I’m loving being able to use it to reinforce learning letters!

* Inspirational/encouraging/motivational
Laine’s Letters

* Memes
Menu Planning Monday
Homeschool Memoirs

* Organizing/crafts – sites that you look to for organizing tips or crafts
These are more craft-related than organizing.
Sew, Mama, Sew!

* Homemaking/Homesteading
The Family Homestead
With Heart and Hand . . . ByGrace
Linda’s Bees
Wholesome Baby Food
Hot Coupon World

* Family blog – sites that give you a glimpse into another family’s life, run by a family
By Grace
HsKubes’ Haven at Home
A Home Away From Home
Many more from Hannah’s Prayer. . .but some of those are private and I don’t remember which! I’m sorry!

* Businesses, particularly homebased
Can I be biased here, lol? There’s mine. . .
Hope of My Heart Designs
With the Fruit of Her Hands Household Notebook Printables