Homeschool funny

Samuel was working on a worksheet with several pictures on it. He had to mark out the things that didn’t start with an N. I asked him, “Does frog start with N?” “No, they’re just funny. And they pee on your hand.” I love homeschooling!

This is why I homeschool

Days like today make everything worth it. Today Samuel’s lesson was on Nicodemus coming to Jesus. Samuel had so many questions – but it was so obvious to see he was processing what we were talking about. When I was able to answer his questions about why a person goes to Hell and how a …

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Learning his letters

Samuel has done a fantastic job learning his letters. There are only a couple more that he hasn’t learned at this point. The other day, we introduced the letter v. I had just set the letter and picture card on the table when he saw it. Sometimes, instead of saying the letter name, he says …

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Blend train

We made a train the other day to help S learn blends in phonics. I let him help me make it – and we had an absolute blast. We used card stock – regular printer card stock for the background and scrapbooking card stock for the train itself. The curriculum suggested using sticky notes on …

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