Dish gloves

Does anyone else use dish gloves and absolutely just love them? For the longest time, I thought dish gloves were worthless. Why would anybody bother with them? Every winter, my hands get extremely dry and chapped. They get so dry at times that just making […]

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Bobbin winder

I mentioned yesterday that I was considering getting a bobbin winder since the one on my machine decided to quit working. Last night I was able to pick one up at Hobby Lobby. The 40% off coupon they had was a nice help! The bobbin

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Price Books

I’m going to interrupt my coupon series here to blog a little about a price book. It’s not absolutely vital to couponing, but it is such a HUGE help that I wanted to include it at this point. A price book is valuable whether or

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I have a washer

Oh wow, am I ever happy. Our washer was delivered tonight. It is working again. We’re washing a load of laundry in it right now. We ended up calling a man from our church to fix it. We figured we’d rather pay a brother in

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