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Gluten Free Sourdough Bread

Gluten Free Sourdough Bread

Gluten free sourdough bread doesn’t have to be tiny…..just saying. My kitchen smells amazing. Made with buckwheat flour (grown right here in the St. John Valley!), sorghum, brown rice, tapioca, and corn. No yeast used, leavened with brown rice sourdough starter.

Trim Healthy Mama

Well, today is Day 1. I’ve tried to eat keto for years now. There were great results right before my surgery, but afterward not so much. Now I’m to the point where I’m burned out. Sure, keto can produce results, but I have a problem eliminating entire food groups, especially fruits. It just feels like …

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Keto Pizza

We’ve been experimenting with different keto dough recipes, trying to find one we really like. This was a variation on the fathead dough, using melted cheeses and almond flour. I tried the recipe here, but made a couple changes to it. I kept the Parmesan cheese but used mozzarella instead of pepper jack. I also …

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Non Scale Victory

I took a small break from dieting after my surgery, and did a pretty good job maintaining. At the beginning of this month I decided to go back stricter keto again. Since then I’ve lost 3 pounds, which is encouraging. But what’s more exciting is the non-scale victories. My tight skirt that I avoided wearing …

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One year

What a difference a year makes.  20 pounds gone.   June 2017 on the left.  June 2018 on the right.  I started watching what I ate by reducing calories.  It doesn’t work overly well for me, as I can’t eat more than about 1200 calories a day if I want to lose, and that very slowly.  …

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Weight loss motivation

Recently I found more motivation to get off the rest of the post-baby weight. I stumbled across my diabetes scares me post. Most of the actual baby weight from Anna is gone now. But since I became pregnant again before all the baby weight from Caleb was gone, there’s a bit more to lose yet. …

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Post-pregnancy fun

As of last night, I am 4 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. That was fun to discover! I was able to switch back to pre-pregnancy clothes earlier this week, but finding out how much weight I’d lost was nice too. That was a lot faster than I anticipated. One thing that wasn’t so fun …

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