Life has been interesting on the home-buying front, well, on the money front in general. I spent 45 minutes this morning on the phone trying to get us pre-qualified to buy a house here. I was not too thrilled at what I found out. When …

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Spring flowers

So many trees are starting to bloom here. Our Bradford Pears out front are blooming, the forsythia are blooming, and much to my suprise, my daffodils bloomed. We transplanted them from the front of the house where they never bloomed to out front in our …

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Balanced my checkbook

Just got done balancing my checkbooks. For years now, we’ve kept our records on the computer using Crown Financial Ministries’ Money Matters Software. It has been a lifesaver! Before we started using it (and well before I had learned anything by way of frugality), it …

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Freezing veggies

Did you know you can freeze celery? I didn’t. A friend of mine mentioned it to me the other day. She said she freezes celery when she buys it because it goes bad before she can use it all. It goes bad here too – …

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