Debt free

We are now officially debt free (except our mortgage). We made the last payment on our last medical bill this morning. Our credit cards we paid off a couple weeks ago – we used our tax refund for it. We were so close that Stephen […]

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Cash system

A friend of mine asked the other day about why and how we do our cash system. In short, we’re loosely following Dave Ramsey’s system for budgeting. We pay most of our bills online, and everything else is typically pre-allocated before payday arrives. We pay

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My $.88 turkey

A long time ago, you could go on the Jenni-o turkey website and request a $5 coupon. I did, but never had a chance to use the coupon after it arrived. It stayed in my purse, but I’d pretty much forgotten about it. Until this

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Cheap flour

If you live in an area with a Harris Teeter nearby, they’re having a great sale on flour this week. I went in there yesterday to do a coupon run (they’re tripling this week as well). I happened to see the flour section, and thought,

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Here are our finds from a trip to Value Village this morning. They have a half price sale roughly once a month. It’s a madhouse in there, but worth it for the good deals you can find. This morning, all these clothes cost us a

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Price Books

I’m going to interrupt my coupon series here to blog a little about a price book. It’s not absolutely vital to couponing, but it is such a HUGE help that I wanted to include it at this point. A price book is valuable whether or

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