Feminine Friday

The past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to dress in a more feminine manner. It’s been fun. The picture above was my outfit on Wednesday. I love the top because it doesn’t wrinkle. 😉 The outfit as a whole is a lot dressier than the plain tees I used to wear. I’ve been scouring my favorite thrift store looking for dressier tops. By buying a couple at a time, it’s been fairly easy to stay within our clothing budget. […]

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Friday's musings on femininity

After posting about dressing more feminine last week, I’ve been thinking about femininity in general. About what it means, how to apply it, how others apply it – it’s been interesting. An internet search for Biblical femininity came up pretty sparse. It is sad that there are so few sites (or even articles) on true Biblical femininity. A quick internet search for femininity in general was disappointing as well. There were more articles about how women can become more masculine […]

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Dressing more feminine

After a discussion with some friends, I thought it would be interesting to chronicle my quest to dress more feminine. While I do wear a skirt or dress every day, the plain tee I usually wear with my skirts is not as feminine as I’d like. While I work on losing the rest of this baby weight, I’ve been looking for a few staples for my wardrobe that look nice during the transitional period. I have a closet full of […]

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