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Chicken mystery

Something weird is going on with our chickens. Stephen noticed the other day that we have a Rhode Island Red rooster that we didn’t have before. What makes it really weird is that we’re missing a Delaware hen. Nobody around here that we know of […]

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Blue eggs

Last year when we ordered chicks, we ordered some Araucana/Ameraucana chicks. They lay colored eggs, and I wanted some. Well, here it is, a year later, and the only hen that survived is now laying eggs. They’re the prettiest shade of light blue. I tried

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No goat babies

I am really disappointed. Our goat Sasha did kid overnight, but her baby was born still. She was a pretty little thing. Then this morning, Sephina kidded too. She had two so far, and we think there’s another one in there too. Unfortunately, she went

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No quail yet

We have 28 quail eggs in the incubator, but so far, no signs of any about to hatch. We’re starting to wonder if we really got 28 dud eggs. I hope not – we were really looking forward to them. Guess we’ll know more in

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