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Chicks and ducklings

We bought 10 Americauna chicks and 4 Mallard ducklings last week, along with 5 rabbits a couple weeks ago. Spring is definitely on the way…

Meet Cinnamon

Meet Cinnamon.  She’s new here.  Isn’t she cute? We bartered some hens for her yesterday, and the kids just love her. Cinnamon is a Nubian.  I didn’t deal with our other goats much when we had them, so I have some reading to do now. She sure is a cute little thing though.


Things have been so fun around here. We got a greenhouse! Ok, I’m probably the only one as excited about it as I am, but that’s ok. I’ve wanted one for a long time. When this one went on sale, we bought it pretty quickly – it was a steal! It was VERY hard to …

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New around here

We added some new animals lately – rabbits. They’re New Zealand Whites, and these two are females. One of them will hop right to the edge of the hutch and let us pet her, the other one isn’t quite as outgoing. We’re hoping to add a buck eventually too, but haven’t gotten him yet. The …

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Harvesting honey

Brushing bees off a frame of honey so we can take it in the house We harvested more honey over the weekend. It was probably the last super we will take off the hive for the year. They’re still bringing in a good bit of pollen, but we want to make sure the hive has …

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