My $.88 turkey

A long time ago, you could go on the Jenni-o turkey website and request a $5 coupon. I did, but never had a chance to use the coupon after it arrived. It stayed in my purse, but I’d pretty much forgotten about it. Until this week. Walmart had their Jennie-o turkeys on sale for $.40 …

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Coupons 101 Series

If you’ve been looking for a post with all the links for the Coupons 101 series in one place, you’ve found it. Coupons 101 – Getting Coupons Coupons 101 – Organizing Coupons 101 – Price Books Coupons 101 – Know your prices Coupons 101 – Ethics

Price Books

I’m going to interrupt my coupon series here to blog a little about a price book. It’s not absolutely vital to couponing, but it is such a HUGE help that I wanted to include it at this point. A price book is valuable whether or not you use coupons though – so hopefully this post …

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Coupons 101 – Organizing

This is Part 2 of my coupon series. You can read the first part Coupons 101 – Getting Coupons here. The next thing you’ll need is a way to organize the coupons. I use a 3-ring binder. It’s nice and portable, and can be customized to whatever extent that you like. You can view my …

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For Michele

Michele posted earlier today, showing her love addiction for coffee. Actually, it was left over from her MOPS meeting, but I have no room to criticize. She showed five bottles of creamer in her frig. There are eight bottles in mine. I thought I’d show her the inside of my frig, so she wouldn’t feel …

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Coupon craziness

First of all, let me just say that I am immensely grateful for coupons and the stores that multiply them. That helps our grocery budget so much. This week, Harris Teeter is doing a triple coupons promotion. I usually find out about these a week or so in advance, thanks to coupon forums like …

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