Lots of bees

We have nine beehives now – isn’t that amazing?  Things got insanely busy after my last post about them and I never posted an update. A couple of our hives have swarmed since then, which gave us opportunity to practice some creative swarm catching techniques.  …

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A swarm found us

Today was such an adventure. A swarm of honeybees landed in a tree right by our house, not 20 feet outside our door. Since we didn’t have to go anywhere, I was able to take a LOT of pictures. In the tree (about 10 feet …

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I passed!

Stephen and I each got an email this morning with our beekeeping test scores. We both passed. I am so excited – parts of the test were really easy, but there were a few parts of it that threw me a little. It was a …

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Taking a class

It’s class time here! Stephen and I will be starting “bee school” tonight. I am so excited. When the classes are done, we’ll each have our local and state certification for beekeeping. Now it looks like I just need to find myself a bee suit. …

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Early morning look at the beehive

Bees bearding – they often do this on hot nights to cool down the hive. I think it’s fascinating to watch, and interesting to consider that they will “sleep outside” when it gets too hot inside the hive.

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