Silly Moose

Today while driving, we passed this little guy along the side of the road. He wasn’t bothered by our SUV stopping near him to take a few pictures, and only walked away when several cars passed by one after the other. He even stuck his tongue out at us at one point.


One of our members stopped by just now. He brought food. This blesses me so much. Our church doesn’t pay my husband a salary yet, but this particular member goes out of his way to bring us treats and food every so often. He’s brought everything from ice cream to pies, to huge turkeys, to chicken, to special treats he thought we’d like.

Today it was a couple packs of chicken breast and some hot dogs and bread. I’m not even sure what else – the kids took it upstairs so quickly I never did get to look at it all.

This is such an encouragement to me. With food prices rising, I’ve been trying to cut back on the meat we eat (and which meats we buy). I love chicken breast and eat it a lot, and it’s so nice having something brought to us that we use a lot of.

He also brought stickers and crayons for my Sunday School class. This is great – the stickers will work beautifully for part of the Mother’s Day project I’m doing with the kids in my class.

Sometimes I wish our people knew how much of an encouragement it is to us when they do things like this.

Dropping off some sunshine

Last week we got a big snowstorm, which isn’t uncommon during early spring here. The weather was snowy and wet and just yuck.

One of our members stopped by. “I brought you some sunshine on this gray day.”

It was two gallons of ice cream. One was orange vanilla swirl.

This member doesn’t know how much my family loves ice cream, he just drops it off occasionally. Sometimes it’s the fancy stuff with tons of mixins. Sometimes it’s homemade vanilla style and toppings. But this time it was sunshine.

What an encouragement.

Then today at church one man brought in a cooler of something for us.

Moose. Ground moose.

I’ve been wanting to try moose since we got here and we just haven’t had a chance to get any yet.

Now there are 3 pounds’ worth of ground moose burger in my fridge.

I can’t wait.