About Me

Hi! I’m Melody. I’m a pastor’s wife in far Northern Maine. I’m mom of 6 amazing children. I’m ridiculously addicted to coffee and blessed beyond what I deserve.

I started blogging back in 2003 when my husband and I were in the waiting stages of adoption. We needed a way to keep our out of state family and friends updated on the adoption process. After our son was born, I kept the blog going and posted updates and photos of him.

Over time, it morphed into my creative outlet. It was a place for me to post the projects I’d been working on. I met quite a few new friends through blogging groups. We went through some lean times, where I learned and blogged a lot about being frugal and making our money stretch as far as it possibly could.

We went from waiting to adopt our first child, to being a family of 8. We now have 6 living children and one in Heaven. We’re now a ministry family in Northern Maine. As my children have gotten older, I now have more time for crafting and sewing. I have been taking online photography classes, and am learning to cook gluten free. Frugality is still a way of life for us, and it’s my desire to teach other ladies to be able to be frugal as well.

I love sewing, baking, crafting, playing the piano, and a myriad of other things. At some point in time, I’ve blogged about it all.

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