Dealing with IBS

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About a year ago, I was diagnosed with extremely severe IBS. My GI doctor referred me to a nutritionist, and I began a very thorough elimination diet. While I’d heard of Low FODMAP before, I wasn’t familiar with it. The nutritionist and the book she wrote were very helpful, and contain principles and guidelines I still follow today.

By following a Low FODMAP diet, I was able to pinpoint my trigger foods. I knew chicken breast and sweet potatoes were safe foods for me, but struggled knowing what else I could eat that wouldn’t make me sick.

It’s been a year now. Sweet potatoes and chicken breast are still my safe foods. I’m trying to create as many low-FODMAP recipes as I can, that don’t bother my stomach, without getting bored with always eating the same things over and over.

My current diet is gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, and low FODMAP. There are several other foods I avoid as well. I also follow Trim Healthy Mama (and am coming up on my 3 year anniversary of following THM as well). I’ve modified a lot of THM recipes to fit my restrictions, so I’m hoping to post those versions of recipes here.

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