Gluten free baking

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I’ve been enjoying trying new gluten free bread recipes lately.

There are several bread baking groups on Facebook. After reading through some of them, I learned of the book

The sourdough starter I made is growing nicely and I’m looking forward to using it for bread.

While I wait for that to be ready to use, I decided to try the Quick Crusty Boule. It was relatively quick to make, but baked a lot longer than I expected it to (90 minutes!). It smelled absolutely amazing while it was baking.

It’s definitely a crusty loaf. The first few slices I had were pretty dry, and honestly a disappointment. Then I decided to toast some for breakfast. I don’t know how it happened, but toasting changed the hard crust and the bread into something magical. It was delicious.

Now I’m looking forward to trying other recipes in the book!

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