Christmas Dresses

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All of our girls received handmade dresses for Christmas. These were the two that were finished; I let Anna pick out her own fabric and pattern for hers, so didn’t have that fabric here yet for this picture.

Joy’s dress (left) was the Breezy Dress from Ellie and Mac. I also made her matching Sunshine Leggings for warmth and modesty, though she isn’t wearing them here. The fabric is a double brushed poly from Olga’s Closet.

Esther (right) is wearing a modified Be Dreamy Dress, also from Ellie and Mac. Really the only change I made here was to put long sleeves on the dress instead of the flounce sleeves. The ribbed knit fabric for the bodice was from Hobby Lobby, and the skirt is double brushed poly from Olga’s Closet. That mauve dbp is the highest quality double brushed poly I’ve found so far. It’s incredibly soft. I made the skirt as long as I could from the fabric I had, and didn’t want to lose any length, so did a rolled hem on the skirt.

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