Dropping off some sunshine

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Last week we got a big snowstorm, which isn’t uncommon during early spring here. The weather was snowy and wet and just yuck.

One of our members stopped by. “I brought you some sunshine on this gray day.”

It was two gallons of ice cream. One was orange vanilla swirl.

This member doesn’t know how much my family loves ice cream, he just drops it off occasionally. Sometimes it’s the fancy stuff with tons of mixins. Sometimes it’s homemade vanilla style and toppings. But this time it was sunshine.

What an encouragement.

Then today at church one man brought in a cooler of something for us.

Moose. Ground moose.

I’ve been wanting to try moose since we got here and we just haven’t had a chance to get any yet.

Now there are 3 pounds’ worth of ground moose burger in my fridge.

I can’t wait.

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