God provides in surprising ways

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After I posted on Monday about God meeting our needs, He has continued to provide for us, in ways we didn’t expect.

I posted on Facebook the same post I put here. I wanted to give God praise at what He has done.

Yesterday I was chatting with another pastor’s wife about my frustrations about taxes this year (we accidentally missed sending some information to our CPA so it made things look pretty discouraging until it was all worked out). She asked if she and her family could come by today. They are dear friends, so of course I said we’d love it for them to visit.

They came with goodies. Chocolate cupcakes and strawberry rhubarb crisp. How’s that for an encouragement? But what amazes me is they handed us an envelope, saying that somebody had put it in the offering plate with our name on it.

Our pipes burst from the cold this week. We keep a space heater on them so they won’t freeze, but they still did. We have water inside the house (these are the pipes in the garage), but no way to pay a plumber to fix them. There was enough money in the envelope to call a plumber. Stephen tries to fix as much as he can, but doesn’t have the tools for copper pipes yet.

After they left, I got a message from someone, asking me to call her. I did. The woman explained that she heard about our situation and wanted to give us money and food, and could we please come pick it up tomorrow. That amount was almost exactly what we needed to pay the electric bill.

God moves in amazing ways.

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