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Being a pastor’s wife is such an adventure. I figured it might be, but it’s different than what I expected. And in some ways, the same.

I’ve always wanted to be a pastor’s wife, especially after my husband surrendered to preach 12 years ago. We didn’t know then what God had in store, but I can see how He has been preparing and growing us over those years while we were waiting.

We love this little town God put us in. It’s tiny, with not much here. Our house is on a major highway, right in town….something I never wanted. But because it’s a small town and we’re so remote, it’s still nice and quiet like we like.

Our congregation is small. We knew it would be just starting out, since the church hasn’t had a pastor living in town in three years. We’ve had a lot of visitors. Some by word of mouth, some found the church Facebook page, and some came from the tracts we passed out in town this fall. It’s been encoouraging.

We had our first Christmas program last week. The kids worked SO hard to prepare, and I’m so proud of them. I wrote the program, keeping it simple because of the number of kids involved. They did so well.

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