Thrift Shopping

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We went to a thrift store today. We heard clothes were $1 a bag. We got there and it was a totally different story. Yes, it was $1 a bag, but we weren’t prepared for how they would mark everything else down as we went.

 Kids clothes were free. Men’s and ladies XL were free. We needed two shopping carts to get this all out of the store. Two leather winter coats and two men’s suits. Samuel even found a three piece suit that looks brand new. The little old lady at the cash register squealed when she saw how good it looked on him and marked it down to $1. Winter clothes for almost all the kids.  Flannel sheets for one of the kids beds. 

$13. For everything. 

Then we went to leave and she asked if our kids could have cake. She brought out two cakes and some cupcakes, and then loaded a shopping cart with black beans, diced tomatoes, Mac and cheese, instant potatoes, and applesauce. 

God said He would provide, and He most certainly did.

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