Piano Lessons

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Looks like I’m going back to teaching piano lessons again! I’m excited.

I closed my studio when I was pregnant with Esther, because we needed the bedroom for kids to sleep in instead of using it as a piano studio. We didn’t have room anywhere else in the house to give lessons, so I closed my studio and stopped teaching.

Lately I’ve been asked about giving lessons again. Since we still have the space issue, I’ve turned all the requests down.

Then I started to hear about teachers offering FaceTime lessons. The thought intrigued me. I kept hearing about it, and started to mull the concept of live video lessons over. I’ve been thinking about this for months now.

I asked about it on my Facebook page to see if there was any interest if I were to offer video lessons, and was surprised by the response.

There’s a lot to figure out before our move, but after we get settled, I don’t see why offering video lessons wouldn’t work. Honestly, I’m pretty excited about it. I love teaching piano lessons and have missed it these last 8 years. Since I kept everything, it should be really easy to reopen and start teaching again.

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