Non Scale Victory

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I took a small break from dieting after my surgery, and did a pretty good job maintaining. At the beginning of this month I decided to go back stricter keto again.

Since then I’ve lost 3 pounds, which is encouraging. But what’s more exciting is the non-scale victories.

My tight skirt that I avoided wearing is now comfortable, and even falls down if I place my phone in the back pocket.

A friend told me last week that I had “lost a TON of weight!” – I can’t remember the last time I saw her though.

The leggings I bought in December and hated are now looser and therefore almost comfortable. I thought I bought the correct size, but because I carry my weight around my middle, the waistband was tighter than I like. They’re still not loose enough for me to love them yet, but I can wear them now without hating them. That’s great for the super cold days in the shop now!

And another victory that IS scale relate……I hit the 35 pound mark yesterday! I was very excited to see that in MyFitnessPal. I’ve actually lost 41 pounds since Joy was born, but really didn’t start losing weight until last April.

I also hit my first number goal. At this point my next number goal is down another 20 pounds, with my official “on the record goal” at 35 more pounds, and my personal final goal at 45 more pounds. The last goal may not be realistic because I don’t know how low my body will go now that I’ve had kids. We’ll see.

This has me very excited and motivated to keep going!

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