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Things have been so fun around here. We got a greenhouse!

Ok, I’m probably the only one as excited about it as I am, but that’s ok. I’ve wanted one for a long time. When this one went on sale, we bought it pretty quickly – it was a steal! It was VERY hard to figure out the instructions, but we finally got it done.

We’ve also been adding some square foot gardens. They’re not done, but they look good so far.

This is my herb garden. We’re trying some new herbs and I’m excited to see how they do over the summer.

The one in the back is the kids’ garden. It’s not done either, but they’re really excited that they get to have their own box!

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5 thoughts on “Gardening”

  1. Wow, I’d be excited about a greenhouse too! 🙂 We were happy that our weather has been warm enough that our plants were planted earlier than usual.

  2. I have always wanted a greenhouse. I dream of having one and selling my little plants ~ hopefully one day.

    I’m so excited for you. I can’t wait to hear about what you’ll be growing in it.

  3. That’s what I was going to type before I accidentally hit the publish button……

    Chocolate Mint (of course)
    Lemon Balm

    I still need 3 or 4 to fill out my herb bed and I honestly have no idea what else I’d like to get. :O)

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