It’s definitely spring

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It’s definitely spring – wow – is the pollen count through the roof or what?!?

It’s been so beautiful out lately. It makes me just want to stay outside all day, but of course that doesn’t happen. There’s too much to do inside.

Sunday our church is having Homecoming, and then revival with Bro. Alfred Willis all week. I am so excited. Services have been SO good at church lately, and the Holy Spirit has really been working on my heart, showing me where I need to change and grow. I’m definitely looking forward to the services. If you’re in the area and would like to come to services, send me an email for details!

On the home front, Samuel has spring fever and is ready for school to be out. To be honest, this mommy is ready for a break too. :O) We are almost done for the year so break time is coming. My parents are also coming for a visit in the next couple of weeks so we’ll have that week off too.

Our rabbit had babies – 7 of them. They’re about 3 weeks old now and are SO CUTE. They’ve just learned how to jump out of their nest box and it’s so fun to stand there watching them.

Stephen and I also had our practical test for the bee school last Saturday. It’s the first step in the South Carolina Master Beekeeper Certification. I’d love to go farther with it but we’ll see. The last certification involves writing a book, and there’s only one Master Beekeeper in the state. . .It sounds like fun to pursue but honestly, probably not at this stage of life with our little ones. At least not for me, anyway.

Little Miss Esther is teething already. At 5 months, her first two teeth are about to break through any day now. She is one miserable teether. Poor little girl. :O) But it looks like her teeth will be through tomorrow or the next day so hopefully she’ll have some relief then.

We’ve also been making some pretty drastic changes to our diet. We’ve been trying to cut out all white processed food and sugars. One of the children (who shall remain unnamed) is so sensitive to sugar that we notice a dramatic change in behavior after eating it. Our first experiment is to eliminate all but the natural sugars and we’ll go from there. We’re also trying to eat as many whole foods as possible. It’s been a challenge, and here I was thinking we ate pretty well.

Our garden is huge this year and we’re in the process of making it bigger. Lord willing, I’ll be able to put up enough tomatoes/sauce so that we don’t have to buy any over the winter. It’s a huge project but I’m hoping to be able to do it.

Jewelry has been keeping me fairly busy as well. God has grown my little business and I am so thankful for that! I’ve added a Medical Alert Jewelry line and have quite a few other new design ideas as well. I’ve been trying my best to work the business during naptime/Family Quiet Time (more on that later if I can ever find the link again!) and when the kids are in bed. I don’t want my kids to think all I ever do is work on jewelry. But I have to admit it is a struggle sometimes.

This post is plenty long enough now so I’ll quit. . .more later. . .

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6 thoughts on “It’s definitely spring”

  1. How fun! The tomato’s are my goal this year too. We eat a ton of tomato sauce, etc. and it’s so much better from garden tomatoes! So, how many plants did you plant this year? I am planning on 60, gasp! Twice as many as last year. Of course, we are still 2 months away from planting anything here.

    1. Ours are still in a cold frame. As nice as it’s been, it’s still not warm enough at night to set them out yet.

      It look like we’ll have about 2 dozen paste tomatoes and hopefully another dozen of the yellow brandywine for eating fresh. We SHOULD have had close to 70 with all the seeds I planted but they didn’t sprout. We’re still trying to figure out why.

      60 doesn’t sound like a lot to me though – when you have a large family like we do and want to put all that up, it makes perfect sense. I just wish all our seeds had sprouted.

  2. So nice to hear an update from you! I was just thinking about you this morning & wondering how your family was doing.
    Nathaniel’s teething, too. He got his first 2 around 5 months & I think is working on another one (at least I think that’s why he’s being so fussy!) 😉

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