Taking a class

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Sweeping bees off frame of honey

It’s class time here! Stephen and I will be starting “bee school” tonight. I am so excited. When the classes are done, we’ll each have our local and state certification for beekeeping.

Now it looks like I just need to find myself a bee suit. . .

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3 thoughts on “Taking a class”

  1. What a neat opportunity! I went on a field trip last year to a beekeeping farm and it was so neat! I didn’t think my kids would be interested because I have big kids (15, 16 & 18), but they enjoyed it as well. I think I’d enjoy having a hive or two, but my husband is deathly allergic to bees. 🙁

    Just wanted to stop by and say that I hope you’ll be able to join in the Hidden Art of Homemaking book study next week. I’m really looking forward to it and getting to know everyone that has expressed interest. Have fun at that beekeeping class! 🙂

  2. Why don’t you make on? 🙂 My mom made one for each of my nephews. My dad just used duct tape around the bottoms of his shirt sleeves and jean legs.

    1. That is an idea – thanks! I would like my own veil though….so I’d at least need to get one of those. Thanks for the suggestion, Mary!

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