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Here’s a picture of Esther that my friend Sara took the other day. Esther is now 3 months old. Crazy. I can’t believe how quickly time goes by.

Today is Caleb’s birthday. He turned four today. . .and I didn’t take a single picture. He was so consumed with his “Happy Birt-day take” and the fact that it was going to be chocolate! There were three little ones at my side the entire time, watching and hoping for licks and tastes of the frosting. Homemade frosting is so good. . .

Ok, so I’m behind on posting like never before. The kids and I took a two-week trip to Michigan to visit my family, and we got home last week. We haven’t stopped going since. Hopefully I’ll get more than a moment to blog soon though – God provided for us in a miraculous way while we were there and I do want to at least blog about that! I keep meaning to come over and post, and then usually end up promptly forgetting.

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2 thoughts on “Growing”

  1. She’s growing so fast! And so cute, too!

    Happy Birthday to Caleb. He’s four already? I’m glad to know there’s someone else who forgets to take pictures. Sometimes I feel so bad, but we do have the memories.

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