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We got a coupon in the mail for one of those big-name photo places recently, so we went yesterday. It was nice to get the photos so quickly, and the coupon was nice. I’m also happy to have updated family pictures. I highly doubt we’ll be going back – they made it difficult to order prints in the sizes I wanted without spending a fortune. We have a few new pictures to hang on our wall, and I have some prints to give with Christmas gifts.

There is a lady who has opened a photography business nearby in the past year or so, and I think I’m going with her next time. These pictures were good for an in-and-out visit (the kids and I are visiting family in a few days and it will be nice to take these with us), but I’m excited to see what this other lady can do too.

Now, about the picture itself – can you believe how BIG my kids are getting?????

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  1. What a beautiful picture!!! It’s lovely! thank you for stopping by my blog and for your encouraging comment! Love you girl!

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