Teaching our children

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This is what my darling husband has been teaching our daughter lately – to shoot Mommy with Nerf darts.

We all have Nerf guns and frequently have Nerf wars. It’s a lot of fun. Yesterday when I was trying to work at my desk though, I kept getting hit in the back. I turned around to see Stephen teaching Anna how to actually aim and shoot the Nerf gun.

The best part about it was how much fun she was having. She had this expression of pure glee on her face.

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2 thoughts on “Teaching our children”

  1. I don’t know, Melody. I don’t see glee on your daughter’s face–I see bloodlust! (Just kidding!)

    It’s actually a very sweet picture and I’m sure in years to come you will look at that picture and smile. Perhaps your husband will one day teach your grandchildren to shoot you in the back with Nerf darts!! A proud tradition that can be passed down from generation to generation! Now there’s something to look forward to! LOL!!

    This was a sweet post–I can almost hear the squeals and giggles ensuing during a “Nerf war”!!! 🙂

    1. Bloodlust…..I love it.

      You do have it right about the squeals and giggles though! Despite the chaos, I really do love the fun they have!

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