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I have been really neglecting my blog lately. Wow. We’ve been so caught up in day-to-day life that sometimes it feels like there’s not a lot to blog about.

Let’s see.

Anna’s birthday is tomorrow. I can’t believe my little girl is going to be 2 already.

We got another rabbit – we now have a male and two females. They’re so cute and are actually friendly (which is what we were wanting – we don’t want them to be afraid of us).

I’ve been very busy with jewelry lately. It is such a blessing. I am absolutely overwhelmed at how good God has been with the jewelry business, and am really loving getting to make everything and come up with new designs for customers too. If you’d like to see some of what I’ve been up to, check out my jewelry blog. I started that a while back so this blog wouldn’t be all about jewelry all the time.

On the baby front. . .we’re just waiting at this point. I’m 37 weeks now so the countdown is on. My church threw me a lovely baby shower a couple weeks ago, and I just realized yesterday pictures of that never got posted. So more on that in a minute. Also, a day or two before that, I got put on restricted activity. I’d been having a lot of contractions, and my midwife was concerned that I’d go into early labor. She didn’t put me on bedrest (for which I’m thankful; I would have gone crazy!), but there were a lot of things I wasn’t allowed to do. Now that I’m considered full term I’m allowed to go about my normal life. I never dreamed it would feel so good to make breakfast and do the dishes! Stephen and Samuel have been amazing, doing everything I normally do, but it feels SO good to be able to do it myself.

As a result of so many episodes of contractions, people are now calling me almost daily to see if the baby has arrived yet. I told Stephen last night it’s tempting to just keep it a secret for a couple days once she does arrive. . .not that it’s really possible. . . ;O) I’m just thankful to have made it this far though. We had one preemie (Samuel) and that was hard enough. I can’t imagine having a premature little one while having other kids to care for too!

Anyway, here are the pictures. . .


Our church throws a baby shower for every baby. That was a new concept for me when I moved to the South. I was absolutely blown away at how our ladies gave for this shower. They make me feel so loved. I don’t deserve such a good church family, but I sure do love them!


I was hoping for a good picture with Anna, and this is the best we got.


The expression on Anna’s face here is too sweet; I just love it!


She did NOT like the “melted chocolate in the diaper” game. I like to watch people’s reactions when the game gets played. This time it was especially disgusting as the diapers were still warm from melting the chocolate bars! :laugh_tb:


Anna really wasn’t interested in helping open gifts, but got really excited when she discovered that one was for her.

I am so blessed – the ladies gave us so much. We’re still trying to figure out where everything will go!

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4 thoughts on “I’m still here”

  1. Sounds like Congratulations will very soon be in order! : ) I’m happy to hear that everything is going well, and that you are full-term. I’m sure this is such an exciting time in you and your family’s lives!

    Joyful Blessings,

  2. I was wondering exactly when your baby is due! Just 3 more weeks – yay!

    Our youth director and his wife just had their first baby last Tuesday. It was a horrible pregnancy and delivery – sick the entire time, 11 days overdue (after having hard contractions around the 37-week point), vomiting with every contraction, induction, then an emergency c-section. Such a lot for the first baby! Our ladies wanted to wait till after the baby came for the shower, so it’s this Friday.

    You’ve been blessed with such a great shower and group of friends!

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