My birthday and this week

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What a great birthday I had this year!

It started out like this, with breakfast in bed:

It was great. Stephen got up early and made homemade waffles, and prepared the fruit. Once he was just about done, Samuel got up and brought me my plate, and took all the credit for me getting breakfast in bed. :O)

It was such a wonderful day. Later in the afternoon, some friends stopped by with a container of mocha brownies for me. Yum. It was the first time I’d ever tried mocha brownies, but they were good. What a treat.

Later that day, Stephen caught a huge praying mantis on one of the bushes outside the house. He put it in a jar and brought it inside for the kids to watch. I caught a smaller bug (thought it was a stink bug but Stephen said it wasn’t actually a stink bug. What do I know?) and we put the two together. It was so fun to watch the praying mantis attack and eat the other insect.


The rest of the week has been fairly uneventful so far, thankfully. We’re trying to really get into the swing of school (though honestly we are on week 4 already). We’re using My Father’s World for the bulk of our curriculum, and while I love it, the style is so different from my usual “get up and do four other things during school” mentality. It’s forcing me to slow down, and while that’s not a bad thing, it has taken some adjustment, that’s for sure! I do think that once the new baby is here it will be wonderful.

Then today, my jewelry is being featured on again. Last time went really well, so I’m excited to be able to partner with them again. I also made some changes to how I prepared for it this time, which should allow me to get the bracelets shipped out faster too.

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10 thoughts on “My birthday and this week”

  1. “It was so fun to watch the praying mantis attack and eat the other insect.” HAHA! I’m so glad to see you post this. People think I’m wacky when I say stuff like that. It’s the joys of having boys. What can I say? LOL

  2. Thank you Melody!!! I will be visiting there later tonight (hopefully) to improve my education 🙂
    I finally decided to ask for help! Glad you came to the farm~

    PS Your jewelry is beautiful!

    1. You’re welcome, Kathy! I absolutely love your blog! Don’t remember how I came across it, but it is such a lovely place.

      And thank you!

  3. We had a preying mantis in the classroom once. We kept it in an old fish aquarium and it was one experience NONE of us will EVER forget. I always thought they were cute until then. They are really quite vicious. Put a few of them together and they attack each other starting with the neck.

    My son had the aquarium on his desk and finally had to leave the room because of the crunching sounds we could hear as it feasted on fellow mantis’s.

    Just an FYI in case you think you want to keep one around for awhile. 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday!!!

    I have wanted a piece of your jewelry for so long but I never buy anything for myself!! I couldn’t resist and just purchased one of your groopdealz bracelets!!! I can’t wait to get it!!

    Have a blessed day!!

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